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PIANETA SRL was born in 2003 in San Remo as a result of our past generations’ experiences and as a company specialized in import and distribution of frozen food products, wholesale and food supplies.


The company is focused on the market of wholesale marketing, import/export and distribution of frozen fish products. Pianeta SRL selects the best on the international market through serious commercial agreements with producers and exporters from all over the world and through a continuous research of the most reliable suppliers. We distribute the fish products to wholesalers and industries engaged in the processing of raw materials which need top quality products for obtaining finished high quality products.


Products are imported by containers or pallets in order to meet the best needs of all our customers.


Thanks to the strict control of the manufacturing companies, we can assure high quality products. All of our suppliers comply seriously with hygienic and safety laws and all of our producers are ISO and HACCP certified. We want to meet the ecosystems’ protection problem, because environment is for us a fundamental value, an indispensable element of our quality of life and a duty for future generations.


Customer satisfaction is our strength:

- we dedicate ourselves in meeting our customers’ needs, who trust us, and we also work hard for the best delivery of the products according to their requirements

- we select carefully our suppliers in order to ensure high quality fish and also to ensure the best delivery to customers at conditions and time in accordance with the agreements.


Our wholesale of frozen fish is based on flexibility as main weapon and distinction compared to our competitors, trying to meet all the needs of our customers.